E32 is the second generation of the luxury 7 series BMW. It is presented in 1986 with the latest innovations in the automotive industry. At the beginning of next year is presented and top engine 5.0 L V12 M70 with 300hp. and 450Nm. of torque. In 1995 E32 is replaced by E38.

Our offer is renovating limited slip differential for E32, including new bearings, oil seals, dichtungs, gaskets,oil, friction discs…:

BMW E32 730i (730iL) look here

BMW E32 735i (735iL) look here

BMW E32 740i (740iL) look here

BMW E32 750i/750iL/750iLS look here


BMW LSD studio. 

BMW LSD studio has years of experience in the repair of differentials of all automobile brands, in particular transfer boxes and specializes in modifying the Limited slip differentials of BMW.

It’s always seems to be a few very common questions about differentials. Like what does the differential do, how does it work, which one should I get for my car, and what can I expect from my LSD. All of these are valid questions and we will try to give an explanation of all basic types and how they work in the real world. Starting from what exactly is the differential, types differentials and specific differentials (open or Limited slip) in BMW.

Catalog arranged by BMW models. Not something that will require an engineering degree to understand. If that seems a little simplistic for the more experienced and educated among us we apologize. We are writing this for you, who need or want to make a change. But don’t know enough about differentials to make a right choice. This is about what you need for your vehicle. Not necessarily BMW car, of course.

All differentials are a mechanism designed to deliver the rotational force of the engine to two wheels, which are not always going the same distance at the same time. Car makers and aftermarket tuners offer various ways to transmit torque from the gearbox to the wheels. There are a numbers of limited slip differentials available for road and racing. All have strengths and locks, but the choices can be narrowed a bit. The final choice depends upon what is available, cost, and expertise, and perhaps what is already in the car.