Hypoid gear

Hypoid gear. Hypoid gear is among the most important innovations in the automotive industry in the twentieth century. On February 8, 1926 the Packard Car Co. has begun production of its model Six third series, in which for the first time in the world used hypoid final drive. Introducing novelty from Packard would not have been possible without the development and improving of the company Gleason Works, Rochester, created lathes for cutting hypoid gears. Thanks to this cooperation eliminating howling gears in cars. Today this unusual sound can only be heard when driving a car in reverse on manual gearbox, […]

E28 medium case diffs typ188

E28 diffs typ188 medium case . (On the occasion of the birthday of my friend, Е28 owner)   (Can also be used in E30, E34, E24, E23 and Z3 rear subframes. However you may have to swap the rear cover, input and/or output flanges) To Sep ’82 : Started with old typ, without LSD option. from Sep ’82 to Sep ’84 : from Sep ’84 : Comes from the factory after considerable facelift. Already with left position of the rear rubber mounting. Here’s a picture together facelift type & old type E28 diffs typ188: