BMW Speed sensors

BMW Speed sensors Because of some confusion when and what sensors speedometer mounted over the years and their compatibility I will try to explain. BMW Speed sensors: Sensor on the left is mounted to sept.’87 on E30, E23, E24, E28. It has a white version too. To the right is a sensor mounted after sept.’87 of E30, E34 (models to 525TDS), last E24 As can be seen in the next picture, irreplaceable: The next picture is E30 to sept.’87: №62161369906 Here E30 after sept.’87: №62168355008 The same sensor on E34: On the next picture are sensors that have the same […]

E28 medium case diffs typ188

E28 diffs typ188 medium case . (On the occasion of the birthday of my friend, Е28 owner)   (Can also be used in E30, E34, E24, E23 and Z3 rear subframes. However you may have to swap the rear cover, input and/or output flanges) To Sep ’82 : Started with old typ, without LSD option. from Sep ’82 to Sep ’84 : from Sep ’84 : Comes from the factory after considerable facelift. Already with left position of the rear rubber mounting. Here’s a picture together facelift type & old type E28 diffs typ188: