BMW LSD conversion

Rebuild. Revision. Modification.


About this important unit of the transmission BMW LSD studio offer repair, complete recovery, rebuild, revision or modification, including heavily modification.


  • Diff performance with client selected characteristics: model, gear ratio, percentage…
  • Open case type replacement with LSD case
  • Gear ratio change
  • Bearings, gaskets, oil seals and oil replacement
  • Percentage settings change and transfer rate of torque
  • Setting up the contact pattern and bearing preload

When dimensional types 168, 188, 210, can be done any performances ,without changing the structure. It is possible to purchase new spare parts and consumables, such as bearings and frictions. These types can be found in models: 3 series: Е30 (1982-1993), E36 (1991-1999), Z3 (1994-2002) 5 Series: Е28 (1981-1988), Е34 (1988-1996) 6 Series: Е24 (1976-1989) 7 Series: Е23 (1977-1986), Е32 (1986-1994) 8 series: Е31 (1990-1999) The latest BMW model came out with limited slip differential is Е36 328i. After that the only LSD application are M-models, equipped with visco LSD, case produced by GKN. This course does not give satisfaction of an real BMW fan. So I have developed various options for LSD for new models Е46, Е90, Е39, Е60, Е38, Z4…

BMW LSD conversion:

Variant 1 („carrier“): assemblage of differential from E36 into the E46 rear axle carrier. I can modify only a rear axle carrier or carrier with E36 LSD. It covers BMW E46 modifications 318d, 320d, 320iM54, 323i, 325i,328i,330i.

Variant 2 (case): Installation of limited slip case typ188 in differential typ188K. It covers all differentials typ188K: E46, E39, E60/E61, E38, E85/E86

Variant 3: mounting of differential typ 188 or 210 into a car with typ188K or 215K . It include the models Е38. There is an opportunity for visco LSD.

Variant 4: similar to Variant 2. Installation of LSD case typ210 in the differential of typ215K(L). Possible installation of VISCO case typ210(the last does not apply to E46).

Variant 5: Assemble of differential with typ188K housing. Е81/Е82/Е87/Е88 and Е90/Е91/Е92/Е93 applicable.

Variant 6 (case): Installation of limited slip case typ188 in differential typ188L. Е81/Е82/Е87/Е88 and Е90/Е91/Е92/Е93 applicable.

BMW LSD conversion